"Louise Brooks": Most treasured book hailed in S.F. Chronicle

Thomas Gladysz's most treasured book
San Francisco Chronicle July 10, 2011

By Thomas Gladysz

I'm passionate about the silent film star Louise Brooks, the actress with the dark bob who played Lulu in "Pandora's Box." My obsession (there, I've said it) goes back to a book, "Louise Brooks," the acclaimed biography of the actress by Barry Paris.

In 1995, my interest in all things Lulu led me to found the Louise Brooks Society, and later to mount a grassroots campaign to bring this exceptional biography back into print. A university press did so in 2000, and I was honored to be acknowledged in the new edition, which is still in print. My most treasured book is a copy that Paris signed for me. In it, he wrote, "For Thomas, who resurrected me and LB the way [Kenneth] Tynan did in the New Yorker."

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