LOST COMET: New Louise Brooks Film in Development

BUFFALO, March 1, 2013

BASICMAGIC announced today the development of LOST COMET, a new feature film about acclaimed actress and author Louise Brooks. The announcement was made by BASICMAGIC principal Vincent Lesh.

"I was lucky to discover Louise Brooks' story years ago," said Lesh. He described LOST COMET as an incredible opportunity to portray Ms. Brooks' own brief but brilliant film career.

In his words, "It has been a dream of mine to invite the world to see the art and passion of a woman who was a star at the height of the Roaring Twenties but who chose to live life on her own terms."

BASICMAGIC recently launched LostComet.com to allow the public to preview a glimpse of the story and screenplay for LOST COMET- including a graphic treatment and selected scenes.

BASICMAGIC has also acquired an exclusive film rights option agreement for the internationally acclaimed "Louise Brooks: A Biography" by Barry Paris.

"I'm excited about this movie," said Lesh, "and look forward to filming in Toronto, the ideal location for Louise Brooks' milieu throughout LOST COMET: New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris."


LOST COMET tells the story of the silent film star Louise Brooks, who rebels against Hollywood in the 1920s but makes a few great films in Europe before disappearing forever.


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