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'Opal Dream" Film plucks gems from the Aussie Outback

By Barry Paris, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Lots of kids in lots of countries have imaginary friends, perhaps especially in the Outback. No offense to any proud Aussies, but the small mining towns of South Australia and New South Wales seem -- well, if not godforsaken, on God's back-burner.


'The U.S. vs. John Lennon'

'The U.S. vs. John Lennon'

The Dixie Chicks' difficulties pale in comparison with John Lennon's. The man quoted (incorrectly) as saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus caused an international uproar thereby.

Years of such brouhahas and 24/7 media coverage gave him the false sense that he could say anything he wanted with the Anglo-American impunity of free speech.


'Melinda and Melinda'

Woody Allen is the most screaming heterosexual in America.

Privately and professionally, only women need apply -- men don't interest him. Scenario: He rings Radha Mitchell out of the blue, says he thinks she's terrific (which he honestly does), offers her the lead in his new movie. Radha, stunned and flattered, never worked with him before, always wanted to, takes two full seconds to think about it. The title of Darryl Zanuck's autobiography -- "Don't Say Yes Until I Finish Talking" -- probably pops into Woody's mind. Keaton and Farrow pop into mine. It's a surefire way to pick up chicks and leading ladies -- two beautiful birds with one stone.



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